BOTOX & Fillers

Our certified aesthetic, Med Spa providers / injectors at Genesis focus on two things, BOTOX and fillers.

We have streamlined the overall process by focusing on aesthetic, facial injection procedures alone. Our goal at Genesis is to provide an excellent experience, and yield the best aesthetic results possible.

PJ Schuman, PA-C

PJ Schuman, PA-C brings with him 25+ years of specialized medical training and knowledge. He has performed a wide variety of highly technical, minimally invasive procedures throughout his career. He is a certified injector and now applies his extensive experience to the field of aesthetics at Genesis.

Let PJ help you make time stand still a little bit longer!

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Abby Johnson, PA-C

Abby Johnson, PA-C brings with her over 7 years of surgical and aesthetic medicine experience. She is a certified and highly skilled BOTOX and filler provider/injector.

Let Abby make you look and feel your best!

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Dr. Cristen Litz

Dr. Cristen Litz is a board certified general surgeon and is the medical director and collaborating physician of record at Genesis Med Spa.

Dr. Litz is also a certified injector, and is an excellent resource to the practice.

Cristen did some of her medical training in Florida and is new to the upstate NY area.