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Global Keratin


Genesis Hair Studio uses Global Keratin GKHair Taming System with Juvexin Formulas. These are professional in-salon keratin hair treatments that penetrate the hair cuticle improving hair texture, enhancing manageability and reducing frizz for 3-5 months. We help you maintain your treatments results with continued use of GKHair Juvexin-based after-care products.

We have seen remarkable results using Global Keratin hair smoothing.

Why use Keratin hair smoothing treatments? Keratin hair smoothing juvexintreatments are semi-permanent, hair smoothing, curl-softening professional chemical hair treatments. They make hair straighter and shinier and the keratin protein helps make the hair stronger.

If you spend a lot of time blow-drying your hair or using a flat-iron or if you have curls that you want to loosen then Keratin hair smoothing treatment may be a great option for you. Or, if you have frizz or your hair lacks shine or luster, Keratin hair smoothing treatment can help you have straight, shiny healthy-looking hair.

Keratin hair smoothing treatments work on a variety of hair textures, previously chemically-treated hair and color-treated hair.

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